One comment on “Long Live PC

  1. I used the PC to play video games when I was in high school from 97-01. The PC had genres that you couldn’t arguably find with any richness on a console, such as FPS and Strategy, and this was a big selling point. But when it came down to brass tacks that was when the GPU/RAM/CPU explosion happened and it really became far too costly unless one knew how to build their own rig, perhaps arguably too expensive at that point, too.

    This is why many people, like me, chose to stick with console gaming for a very long time. Truly, it wasn’t until around 2010-11 when the Indie push began and people were able to play more creative, even if graphically simpler, games. You’re right about the competition and safety you mentioned in your first paragraph, only here it came down to software: PC developers saw what sold and arguably developed just that while console developers saw what sold and began to support that (no previous gen support, incessant DLC, et al). This is something that has pushed people to look again at PC gaming and, much like myself, we find that the landscape is quite changed and stores like GoG allow us to play many of our old favourites largely error-free (unlike Valve’s Steam, they’re tested).

    I would contend that while processing power, graphical testosterone and encyclopaedic RAM inarguably offer PC gaming a whole hell of a lot, it ultimately has to be used creatively.

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