One comment on “The Cost of Destiny

  1. All things considered, what I see from the purported AAA companies is a lot of money being pushed around on the table while creativity, strong concepts and execution fall to the floor. And of all things no one seems willing to bring QA in to actually clean up the floor at any point in time, seeming content to just walk over the mess. When it comes down to brass tacks too much money is being spent on things that are not gameplay concepts, gameplay itself and the testing of these (conceptually and gameplay)…and when I hear the sort of money being thrown around I can’t help but get angry and a little nauseated.

    Some of these games play well, don’t get me wrong, but the lack of creativity is readily apparent and all too often so are the critical errors in concept and execution. These games often still have a fun, accessible core with pleasing visuals, good music and good acting (where possible), all demonstrating quite clearly what I’ve said about: a lack of creativity and woefully un- and under-tested concepts, along with their execution, is good enough.

    500-fucking-million….just….the fuck….

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