One comment on “E3 2014 Roast Beef Round Up: Microsoft

  1. I am more than inclined to agree with you on this, however comparing this years Xbox Press Brief to Sony’s this year, MS take the ball. Sony made the classic mistake Xbox made last year, and before that, and before that again, of only talking about TV on the console, only half an hour was spent talking about games with less gameplay footage than EA’s press brief. I got so bored I ended up muting it and turning over to cat videos! An hour passed and the fat bastard was STILL there! You can argue “but they showed more indie games and announced 10 new IPs!” yes all well and good but where are they??? Any concept art to show us or trailers? No? Shut up then! “But they announced GTA V for the PS4!” Oooohhh right, the multi-platform game going on next gen which everybody predicted? Yeah Rockstar beat you to it, they announced right before you finished talking about TV…Yeah, Rockstar got tired of your crap and did the job for you. On the plus side it’s on PC too! Wait, we are still talking about the PS4 right? Oh yeah here’s Uncharted and Metal Geeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrr… Comparing the two briefs, it looked to me as though MS came with a freaking Vulcan Cannon while Sony came with Microsoft’s lost water pistol from last year…

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