About the blog

ACV logoA Cynical View is about bringing a bit of realism into the tech and gaming world. Whilst we do mainly focus on the PC side of things we do have a past in console gaming as well, and needless to say gaming news is still gaming news no mater what platform it is on.


Along with general comment pieces, we aim to have a bit of structure, so for ease of refferance, here is a list of the reoccurring feature pieces on the site.

A Cynical Review: The bread and butter of any games site. Here we review the games we have been playing, it may be a new release or a game we have just picked up, either way expects some criticism and evaluation in our usual manner.

The Nine Circles: The Nine Circles is a series where I take apart the games that are a general pain to play. Whether it is due to something major like bad mechanics or something as small as FOV sliders. Either way they have caused some ire in the world and as such we shall be sending them to the deepest depths of hell for their crimes against the gaming world.

A Look Back at: A look back at, is a feature series where we go back and remember the games that defined our gaming lives for the better or worse, reminiscing about the halcyon days of gaming and the effects they had on us.


Profile picJames ‘Sketch’ Wood

  • Specialty- Gaming events and news
  • Occupation- Journalism student and blogger

The cynical mind behind the blog, with a knack for sarcasm and a somewhat dark sense of humor you’d be forgiven for thinking he was evil, he just has a somewhat dark take on the world that is reflected in his writing.


Alex ‘Dogflap’Alex profile pic Jennings

  • Specialty- Computing and rants
  • Occupation- Intern I.T. technician and Blogger

Alex’s signature rants are why we brought him on to the blog, teamed with his knowledge of computing he’s a go to person for dealing with PC specs and builds. Just to answer the obvious question, no he doesn’t have a profile picture, even his Facebook page lacks it so for reasons that are hard to explain this is the best we could do on the picture front.


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